We Love This At-Home Hair Removal Device!

Many of us in the Northern States and cooler climates are looking closer at our neck-down skin and body hair, which has been hidden under several layers for months, as we prepare for warmer weather. I use high-tech at-home hair-removal devices that use IPL (intense pulsed light) to stop hair growth for longer. Shaving can be a chore. The best part is that innovations have eliminated the painful zapping that made me wince.

Ulike Air 3, is unlike anything else I’ve tried in my bathroom. It makes removing stubborn hair easy and gentle, especially in sensitive areas like the bikini line. The FDA-approved technology can be used anywhere hair grows, from your upper lip to your armpits. One of the most advanced at-home hair-removal treatments, cooling mimics in-office lasers. I spoke to Beryl Hwang, lead product marketing manager for Ulike North America, about the new launch.

What distinguishes this at-home hair removal device?

“Our patented Sapphire Ice-cooling technology makes our at-home hair removal device, the AIR3, unique,” says Hwang. This technology is clinical sapphire contact cooling for at-home hair removal devices. It protects the skin and makes IPL hair removal comfortable. We pioneered our technology. We’re proud that top dermatologists worldwide recommend Ulike.”

What is IPL?

“IPL is an FDA-cleared light treatment that targets the melanin in hair follicles to remove hair permanently,” Hwang says. “Light heating destroys pigment. Each treatment reduces hair growth permanently, skin PCOS symptoms.

Is this device suitable for at-home laser hair removal beginners and experts?

Hwang says the Sapphire AIR3 at-home hair removal device works for beginners and experts. “It’s super simple. Ice-cooling technology starts immediately after powering on the device. Press the treatment button to flash the device after choosing a power level. The stamp and auto-glide modes allow a 30-minute full-body treatment. It doesn’t take long to learn.

How does cooling work?

Hwang says the AIR3’s active cooling system activates when the device is turned on, making the sapphire light window frosty in five seconds. Our technology instantly cools the device’s sapphire light window. The sapphire light window continuously cools the treatment area when in contact. This cooling protects the skin and allows for higher fluences, which improves IPL hair removal. The flat sapphire lightly presses the treatment area, increasing target chromophore absorption.

Sapphire ice-cooling protects and comforts the skin while ensuring a highly effective IPL hair removal treatment. No other at-home hair removal device uses this technology.”

Any advice for DIY laser hair removal beginners?

Before using our device, newbies to at-home laser hair removal should check their skin tone and hair color for IPL treatment. The device can treat these skin and hair colors. Our device’s skin sensor ensures safe and accurate treatment. Hwang advises shaving the treatment area before using the device.

We also suggest starting with quiet mode (low power) and working up to higher power modes (body mode and power mode). During treatment, wear eye protection. After treatment, moisturize and avoid sunlight. Wear sunscreen with shorts.”

How often and with what results should you use the device?

Hwang advises using it every other day for the first two weeks. For weeks three through five, use it twice. After 12 weekly treatments, treat the target area monthly or as needed to maintain results.

Three to four weeks usually reduces hair. Each treatment thins and purifies hair, eventually reducing it permanently. User outcomes and treatment frequency vary. We provide “continued and steady reduction of hair over a prolonged period,” as defined by FDA regulations, though some may interpret “permanent” differently. Clinic phototherapy is not permanent.”

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