Trying the Scandi Hairline Trend on Dark Hair: 8 Expert Tips

The Scandi hairline trend has taken the internet by storm with its cool-toned face-framing highlights. Traditionally achieved on blonde hair with balayage or highlights, the Scandi hairline takes a more targeted approach, focusing on lightening the hair specifically around the hairline. This creates a youthful, brightening effect, adds dimension and lets your client rock an effortless cool-girl vibe.

But translating this trend onto dark hair requires a different approach and a whole lot of professional hair color know-how. Fear not! This guide contains expert tips for mastering the Scandi hairline on dark hair and leaving your clients with a look that’s trendy and undeniably flattering.

What Is the Scandi Hairline Trend?

Unlike traditional balayage or highlights that lighten sections throughout the hair, the Scandi hairline focuses on applying a hair lightener around the client’s hairline. Imagine a delicate halo of cool-toned blonde framing the face, seamlessly blending into the client’s natural dark hair color. This creates a multi-dimensional effect and adds brightness around the eyes.

Now, let’s explore some tips for rocking this look on your dark-haired clients!

Pro Tip #1: Master the Art of the Consultation

A thorough consultation is vital before diving headfirst into the lightening process. Discuss your client’s hair history, including any previous coloring treatments. Understand their desired level of lightness for the Scandi sections and manage expectations. Achieving platinum blonde might not be realistic on dark hair. Educate them on the lightening process and the potential challenges of brassiness and hot roots. This transparency builds trust and ensures your client is on board for the journey to their perfect Scandi hairline.

Pro Tip #2: Section for Precision

Precision is paramount when dealing with the delicate hairline area, and proper sectioning is the foundation of a clean, controlled lightening process. Start by creating a horseshoe-shaped section around the hairline. Then, create diagonal or horizontal sections within the horseshoe section, depending on the desired level of detail and lightening pattern. This allows for targeted application and prevents the lightener from bleeding into unwanted areas.

Pro Tip #3: Use the Right Lightening Technique

For the Scandi hairline, a balayage or freehand application technique is ideal. These techniques provide a more natural-looking, diffused effect compared to harsh lines of demarcation. Apply the lightener a few millimeters away from the scalp to avoid hot roots. As you work your way up the sections, focus on diffusing the lightener toward the mid-lengths. Be mindful of how much product you use. Oversaturation at the roots will lead to brassiness, while undersaturation won’t achieve the desired lift.

Keep a watchful eye on the lightening process, and be prepared to adjust the processing time to avoid overprocessing. If you do encounter some unwanted warmth, don’t panic! A toner formulated for brassy hair can help neutralize those orange hues and achieve the perfect cool tones for a Scandi hairline.

Pro Tip #4: Achieve a Seamless Blend

A flawless blend between the lightened Scandi sections and the client’s natural color is essential for a polished look. There are several techniques you can employ to achieve this seamless transition. Shadow rooting involves applying a darker color to the roots, creating a subtle gradient and minimizing the appearance of harsh lines. Lowlights, darker sections woven throughout the hair, can also add depth and dimension while blending the lightened sections with the natural base color. Consider hair painting or color-melting techniques for a more lived-in, dimensional blonde effect. These involve applying different shades of blonde freehand, creating a natural, multi-tonal look.

Pro Tip #5: Add Flattering Face-Framing Highlights

Further enhance the Scandi hairline by incorporating face-framing highlights. These strategically placed highlights draw attention to the client’s best features and add dimension to the hairstyle. The placement of these highlights can vary depending on the client’s face shape.

For round faces, opt for face-framing highlights that create an elongating effect, such as those placed near the cheekbones. For square faces, highlights that soften the jawline, like those around the chin, are ideal. Heart-shaped faces benefit from face-framing highlights placed at the temples, while oval faces have the most versatility and can rock highlights anywhere around the face.

Pro Tip #6: Help Clients Keep Their Cool

Once you’ve achieved the desired level of lift, it’s time to lock in those cool, ashy tones with a toner. Choose a toner specifically designed for cool blondes, and consider the level of ash needed based on the final result. Apply the toner generously to the lightened sections, focusing on areas prone to brassiness. Educate your client on maintaining cool tones at home with purple shampoos and conditioners formulated to neutralize brassiness and prolong the vibrancy of their new look.

Pro Tip #7: Add Texture

Adding texture is a great way to complement a Scandi hairline because it helps break up the color and create a more lived-in, effortless look. A textured haircut with layers or sliced ends can add natural movement and volume. For a more beachy vibe, incorporate beach waves or loose curls.

Pro Tip #8: Think Beyond Cool Blonde

While the Scandi hairline is traditionally associated with cool blonde tones, there’s room for creativity! For clients who prefer warmer hues, you can adapt the trend to achieve a sun-kissed, bronde effect around the hairline. Opt for a lightening technique that lifts the hair a few shades lighter than their natural base color. Instead of a cool toner, apply professional hair color in golden or caramel tones to create a warm, bronzy look. However, even with warmer tones, it’s important to maintain a cool contrast between the lightened sections and the client’s natural base color. This subtle play on color adds dimension and prevents the lighter sections from blending too seamlessly into the rest of the hair.

Wrapping Up

The Scandi hairline trend offers a unique and exciting way to add dimension, brightness and a touch of cool-girl flair to dark hair. By mastering the techniques outlined in this guide, you can create stunning looks for your clients and solidify your expertise in the ever-evolving world of hair color. So, embrace the challenge, unleash your creativity and get ready to witness the transformative power of the Scandi hairline on dark hair!

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